Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Hogle Zoo!!!

So we thought we would be crazy and head to the zoo on Labor Day. The line to get into the zoo was horrible as was the parking but once we got inside it wasn't that bad!!! We had a lot of fun. The first picture shows how we totally wore them out. Totally unsafe, I know!!! I promise he wasn't like that for long. There was a baby giraffe, he was sooo cute. There was also a new baby elephant but they didn't have him out yet. I forgot how much I love the zoo. The one disappointment was that the train was shut down that day, Jace and Kade were very sad. Oh well it was a fun day overall!!!


Dennis and Bonnie Danielson said...

Such cute kids! They are ADORABLE. What a fun day. Alex looks like he is ready to walk are you still pushing him down??? lol

Anonymous said...

Olá! Aceita Parceria? Sucesso. Fabrícia.